Andrew Heming

Andrew Heming



Strength and Conditioning Coach and Human Kinetics Instructor at Trinity Western University.

I currently live in Langley, BC with my lovely wife Micah.  Most of my days are spent in the weight room at Trinity Western University training athletes and students.  I also teach university courses in: weight training, advanced weight training, conditioning, health & wellness and exercise physiology.

I have been passionate about training since I was a kid. While I have made many training mistakes and tried many stupid programs, I keep training, adding more weight to the bar and trying to learn everything I can about training.

Please know that I’m not some “internet trainer”.  I put in many long hours of training athletes and students on a regular basis.  I have over a decade of “in the trenches” training experience.

My professional philosophy is simple.  I care about 2 things: people’s overall well being and their training results.  I do not do “fitness entertainment.” I’m not “married” to a special system of training.  I’m not a Kettlebell guy, a bosu™ guy, a “functional training guy” or any other trendy label that trainers often get classified as.  I’m not “new-school”; I’m not “old school” – just intensely focused on what will get the best results.  I am a total training nerd who could easily spend an entire day in the library reading training books and articles and think it is a wonderful day.  I’m passionate about learning the most effective and efficient methods to burn body fat, build muscle, improve strength & performance and enhance overall wellness.  I read everything I can from popular bodybuilding websites to strength & conditioning research journals.  I know I can always learn something and I try to keep a teachable attitude. I study powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, rehabilitation and sports performance and I pick and choose the best from each to use as appropriate with those that I’m working with.  I look for every opportunity to learn from other trainers and coaches in the industry who are getting great results.  While I have the privilege of working with some of the best university athletes in the country, I enjoy training anyone young or old who is serious about setting goals and just getting results.

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