MC Rehabilitation and Wellness offers premier service on alcohol testing in Fort St. John. Let us help you determine incidents of alcohol use in your business. We believe that you deserve only the best alcohol services and our business has all the credentials you need if you only want reliable results. All alcohol tests that will be conducted by MC Rehabilitation and Wellness will be held confidential. DOT certified alcohol technicians are on board to help you during these times of the day:

  • On Call: Mike is available after the business hours of 8AM to 5PM. Call him at 778-256-4546. (Post Incident Only)
  • For all other testing between 8am to 5pm: Call the office at 250.787.0780.

Alcohol Testing in Fort St John by MC RehabilitationFACTS ON ALCOHOL TESTING IN CANADA

While the Canadian Human Rights Commission understands that the use of alcohol can contribute to impaired health and job performance of a person, alcohol tests may only be used by employers within the scope of certain rules. An employer could conduct random alcohol testing in cases where employees are working in safety sensitive positions, for reasonable causes where employee goes to work and evidence of alcohol use was confirmed, following an accident where the employee is found to have contributed to its occurrence, and if the employee confessed dependency on alcohol.


Alcohol tests are carried on with the use of the latest portable breath alcohol testers, also called breathalyzers, manufactured by Lifeloc Technologies. This company is renowned for producing state-of-the-art instruments that are recognized by law enforcement agencies such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US Department of Transportation. Currently, there are over 35 countries using Lifeloc Technologiesā€™ alcohol testing instruments and now, this is made available in Fort St. John by MC Rehabilitation and Wellness. All instruments used by our certified technicians are calibrated regularly to ensure accurate results. If requested, alcohol test results may be printed attached to the chain of custody form, serving as evidence. Our certification allows us to conduct on the spot testing, saving you time and energy. With test results seen instantaneously, your Designated Employee Representative (DER) may be notified immediately even before the employee leaves our facility.


MC Rehabilitation and Wellness could accommodate requests for alcohol testing any time of the day. Call us at the numbers provided above and we will be more than happy to help you. Aside from alcohol testing, we are also offering post incident drug testing services. We can meet you at your location or you can simply visit our facility during business hours (5pm to 8am).

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