MC Rehabilitation and Wellness’ main concern is to give you the best products and services available in the market. That is why it only offers the use of custom fit orthotics made by Foot Levelers™. While other companies are only offering support for one arch, Foot Levelers™ went beyond expectations and offered overall balance to correct the body’s posture. Concentrating on a certain arch will only increase the chances of a specific problem to shift to other areas in your body. Foot Levelers™ supports all of the three arches in the foot, contributing to improved body equilibrium.

Custom Orthotics in Fort St JohnFoot Levelers™ has been proven more effective in providing postural support compared to other shoe inserts. Studies show that patients who suffered from nueromusculoskeletal complaints of the spine, pelvis and lower extremities showed significant improvements after using Foot Levelers™ including patients who had pedal structural alignment problems. In a certain survey conducted by a reputable institution, 82% of the patients claimed that their condition became better with the help of Foot Levelers orthotics. Because of these testimonials, sports and chiropractic associations are now recommending their use.

Fitting of orthotics is made possible with the use of an advanced foot scan where a thermal image of the bottom of your foot will be captured by a device. After this, the specialist will help you choose from the varied styles of Foot Levelers’ custom orthotics. Aside from improved balance, products like Foot Levelers’ Shoethotics® and Sandalthotics® were designed to shield your heel from damaging shock. These offer the right amount of firmness for ease of movement.

Who should use foot orthotics? If you lead a very active lifestyle and engage in physical sports, are aged over 40,  have flat feet, suffer from joint problems due to varied physical activities, have foot problems like sore feet or if one of your legs is shorter than the other, then you ought to get fitted with foot orthotics. In Fort St, John, MC Rehabilitation and Wellness is one of the leading providers of foot orthotics. Foot Levelers™ is covered by third-party insurance companies like Sunlife and Manulife. Visit the Foot Levelers™ website today if you want more information on products being offered.

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