The brain functions properly with the aid of oxygen. Stroke happens when the brain fails to receive ample blood supply. This could impair the body a number of ways.  Effects are immediate where a patient could feel numbness, weakness and long-term result could be paralysis of one side of the body. While a third of stroke patients are able to recover in as little as a month, other symptoms may still be evident as a remnant of the disease. It may take about a year or even longer in order to see the best possible improvements. More severe cases of stroke on the other hand are known to have fatalities while survivors will have to live with long-term disability.

Stroke is classified into two categories- ischemic and haemorrhagic.  Ischemic strokes happens when blood clots block blood flow to a certain part of the brain. This often happens to people with irregular heartbeat patterns. Clot may also be of the wandering kind, called an embolus. Haemorrhagic stroke on the other hand occurs when the surface of the brain ruptures, causing blood to spill the brain and the skull or could also happen when arteries simply burst in the brain. This kind of stroke may be caused by aneurysms, high blood pressure or head injury.

Treatment of stroke will be depend whether this is ischemic or haemorrhagic. So far, the only approved ischemic stroke treatment by the FDA is tissue plasminogen activator. However, administration within the first three hours is crucial in order to arrive at a successful recovery. Endovascular procedure where doctors remove blood clots with the use of a catheter is also used in treating ischemic stroke. This treatment option may also be used in treating haemorrhagic stroke. Surgical treatment is used to stop bleeding for haemorrhagic stroke patients. Alternative treatment for stroke includes acupuncture, herbal medicines, massage, aromatherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is now being gaining popularity as a treatment for stroke. Recent studies show that daily treatment with HBOT in stroke patients helped in the formation of blood vessels. The new blood vessels formed are said to aptly able to restore tissue function within 60 days of treatment. HBOT is now widely used as a complimentary treatment option to maintenance stroke drugs and physical therapy programs. While conventional treatment options are still recommended in treating stroke patients, MC Rehabilitation and Wellness makes HBOT available to patients who want to try out alternative stroke treatment choices.

Disclaimer: Information found in this page should only be used for educational purposes only. MC Rehabilitation and Wellness recommends that you talk to your physician for proper medical recommendation including for therapies like HBOT.


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