Autism is a disability that usually begins before the age of 3 and will affect the patient for life. People diagnosed with autism have a problem communicating and relating to other people. The world as you perceive it may be seen in a different light from an autistic’s point of view. Diagnosing it can be difficult even for medical practitioners since this cannot be ruled out with simple physical examinations like blood test. This is often discovered by observing the behaviour of the patient. Common symptoms may include inability to respond to own name on the 12th month, being obsessive on certain interests, over-sensitivity to stimuli, easily gets upset and delayed language skills.

Parents with autistic children often go through the battle of trying out new treatment options such as applied behavioural therapy, anxiety medications and special diets. The process could be tiring for both the parent and the patient.  One of the treatment options receiving attention lately is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). This is usually used to treat decompression sickness, soft tissue infections and air embolisms.

The idea behind the use of HBOT for autism is to increase the oxygen levels in the brain. Normally, when people are doing a certain task or are trying to generate speech, the brain tries to work harder and this requires an increase in blood flow to the brain. The blood that goes to the brain carries ample amount of oxygen and glucose, supplying the brain cells with extra energy to perform necessary tasks. Autism will cripple this normal function of the body. Instead of increased blood flow, the action is reversed and the needed energy by the brain is not supplied, stunting normal responses. HBOT is beneficial to autistic patients as it delivers the needed oxygen by the brain.

Currently, there is no known cure for autism. However, this can be alleviated by HBOT and MC Rehabilitation and Wellness has the prescribed 1.3 atm hyperbaric chamber for autistic patients. We are here to help you improve your child’s life. Studies show that patients with autism had better social and communication skills after receiving this treatment.

Disclaimer: Information found in this page should only be used for educational purposes only. MC Rehabilitation and Wellness recommends that you talk to your physician for proper medical recommendation including for therapies like HBOT.

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