Physical activities like sports can have varied benefits for the body. These are said to contribute to healthier bones, heart and lungs. Even motor skills and cognitive functions are improved when a person is engaged in sports. In women, physical activity is found to effectively reduce signs of osteoporosis and even helped in preventing hip fracture. Older people who do physical activities are able to maintain their independence compared to those who fail to do so. For athletes though, training required is very rigorous. One may be required to spend extra hours practicing routines especially if an important event is just ahead the corner. Instead of benefits, one could easily succumbed to stress because the time allotted for the body to rest may not be enough for the cells to regain optimal function. If one fails to fight stressors, this could mean losing the most coveted trophy for the team.

How can one fight stressors? According to experts, rest and diet play a key role in improving body resistance. Meals consisting of healthy options are recommended especially for people who use their body on a physical level like that of athletes. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is now being discussed in the field of sports because of its number of benefits to the body. How will this be of help to physically active people like athletes?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a procedure where one will have to stay in a pressurized chamber and receive elevated levels of oxygen. FDA approved HBOT as a treatment to several types of diseases such as thermal burns, air or gas embolism, carbon monoxide poisoning, decompression sickness, cyanide poisoning, and delayed radiation injury. While the health regulatory body warns the public on the ‘Off-label’ use of HBOT, independent studies suggest that this has been found effective in treating other types of diseases aside from the ones approved by the FDA. When subjected to HBOT, the body could heal itself three times faster whether this be a skin or bone problem, infection or an injury. One treatment alone could improve the condition of a person who suffered from an injury. For athletes where incurring physical injuries can never be avoided, this is great news. HBOT was reported to have contributed to sports performance because athletes felt invigorated and renewed with the treatment.

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