The human ear is designed in such a way that this should only be exposed to allowable decibels of sounds. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) could happen on a one-time exposure to noise such that of a bomb or could be caused by repeated exposure to loud sounds such as that of a worker working in a very noisy work environment. This could result to impaired hearing or permanent hearing loss. NIHL is irreversible. When one is constantly exposed to noise and experiences ringing or buzzing in the ears, hears muffled sounds, difficulty deciphering speech and inability to hear conversation with the presence of noise, this person may already have NIHL.

Noise is a common occurrence in different industries. In order to protect workers working in noisy environments, the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation implied that employers are responsible in implementing preventive measures. These may include but is not limited to reducing noise levels if possible, limiting the employee’s exposure to noise if noise cannot be reduced, noise measurement on the work area to identify noise levels, and hearing tests.

hearing-testing-fort-st-john-mc-rehabilitation-02OUR INDUSTRIAL AUDIOMETRIC SCREENING

The Workers Compensation Board (WCB) recommends that employees working in very noisy environments should be subjected to hearing testing. Initial tests should be conducted 6 months after being hired and successive tests will have to be administered at least once in every 12 months after the initial test. MC Rehabilitation and Wellness is proud to be part of the entities certified by the WCB to conduct hearing tests. We understand that hearing conservation of employees is an integral part of your business agenda. In order to help you with this cause, we made sure that our industrial audiometric screening services will only be performed by certified technicians. Possible hearing loss will be detected after our technician conducts a series of frequency tests on employees. The result of those tests will help you determine needed corresponding preventive NHIL measures in the workplace.


MC Rehabilitation and Wellness has a hearing facility in Fort St. John. We can accommodate your employees here in our facility. Mobile units could be sent to your location. This is available for areas located in Fort St. Johnson, Dawson Creek, Peace River, Fort Nelson, Rainbow Lake and Peace River Region. Additional information is provided under the mobile unit page.




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