MC will now be offering 3 classes to encourage people from all ages and skill levels to participate in a fun, functional, and safe training environment! Please see our list of classes below:

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training):

This class is for those members who are looking for a fantastic cardio workout focused on loosing those inches! It also reaches across to those members looking to add more cardio to their individual programs for those recreational activities.  With a circuit style based on heart rate percentage, even as you fatigue, the level of intensity stays the same.  Bring lots of water and be fully fuelled for this one!

Whole Body Circuit:

This class is focused on strength endurance with a cardio aspect.  This class will include upper and lower body exercises with a higher volume of reps with moderate weight or body weighted exercises.  It’s a great way to get fit, results, and have fun doing it!

Sports Performance (Youth only 12-18yrs):

This class is geared for our upcoming youth generation.  The focus here is to provide a high level of foundational coaching through a youth’s development.  Our skilled strength coaches understand the risk of injury to young athletes and how to approach the topic of weightlifting.  And with Andrew Heming, our program designer/ university strength coach, our members and their parents can be assured they are getting top quality programs for their children to succeed!

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