Among the five senses, the sense of sight is considered the most important. You use your eyes with almost every activity that you do. You are more in tune with your surroundings because you are given a visual perspective of these. At work or at home, you will always make use of your sense of sight. Although you use your hands to hold things, you use eye coordination in order pick up things. Even before touching something, your sense of sight could help you gauge an item’s temperature simply with the use of colors. Compared to other senses, people rely more on their sense of sight.

Vision Testing in Fort St John by MC RehabilitationVISION AND WORK PRODUCTIVITY

Almost all types of work will require you to use your eyes. How vital are healthy eyes in business industries? Some studies conducted specific research on people with dry eyes and how this had an impact to their jobs. It showed that work performance decreased by almost 6% for employees with dry eyes. It shows that eye health has a significant contribution to productivity at work. For a business, this could mean substantial losses. Eye health also accounted for some of the accidents that transpired at work such as vehicular accidents.


MC Rehabilitation and Wellness wants you and your employees to see the world in full color. Our vision testing services will test your eyes for depth perception, visual acuity, peripheral, color and shape definition. Meet us at our facility or you may also request an on site vision testing in Fort St. John. Together, we will make your business more productive by addressing the onset of eye problems within your teams. With your employees able to see clearer, eye health related accidents will also be reduced.

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