MC Occupational Health & Safety can offer your company a great option to help reduce claim cost and get employees back to work quicker after an injury. We have the tools and the expertise to determine whether an employee is on paid leave because of a work-related injury can safely be made to return to his station or at least be given modified duty instead without risk of re-injury.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) is an assessment for workers who have suffered injuries that are non-catastrophic. Our ability to immediately assess the worker is key to getting them started on a road to recovery. Employees who are put through this assessment first receive a restriction screening by one of our therapists to ensure that they are able to continue with the physical portion of the testing. We conduct an injury assessment before allowing them to proceed to the next stage of the process. Once cleared, they move to our Kinesiology department where they are evaluated on their ability to perform their daily job tasks. A job demands analysis, which is a comprehensive assessment of the job tasks, may also be requested in conjunction with a Functional Capacity Evaluation to determine the physical demands associated with the worker’s job.

Using these industrial standardized tests, we can determine how they match up to a benchmark optimal industry standard. Once this data is collected and reviewed, a report is generated outlining the results of the testing along with our recommendations for a treatment or rehabilitation program, and our recommendations/ restrictions for any modified duty work program your company may have in place.

All of this is should help to protect not only the employee from returning to work before they are objectively ready but also the employer through due diligence and reducing the use of rehabilitation claim cost.

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